Simple script to remove $CmdTcID and $CmdZnID Alternate Data Streams.


1. Download and unzip it to c:\ads

2. run command prompt as administrator

3. cd c:\

4. c:\ads\ads.bat

Script scans entire c:\ and removes ADS $cmd*id from files (uses wildcard to match both $CmdTcID and $CmdZnID).

You can use any path in step 3 (e:\ for example)

If tool doesn't work, uninstall Comodo product, it sometimes blocks ADS removing, or run Windows in safe mode.

If script doesn't start, start PowerShell console as administrator and run c:\ads\ads.ps1
If script still doesn't start, run in PowerShell console command Get-ExecutionPolicy. If output is Restricted, run Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned or Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted


Author is Bc. Jaromír Kuba, This software is free to use. Any use of this Software is at Your own risk.

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