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N2N is open source alternative to hamachi. You can find official webpage of autors (Luca Deri a Richard Andrews) at http://www.ntop.org/n2n.



There is no limitation to 16 users, You can connect together thousands of users (254 in default settings).


Password is never stored on supernode (n2n server), only n2n users (clients) know it.


You can choose IP addresses yourself. If You don't like 10.1.2.x, simply use 192.168.34.x.


n2n works almost everywhere (Windows, Linux, Mac, even some hardware routers are supported)

About n2n Gui

N2n Gui is graphical frontend for n2n.

how to install n2n Gui

1. Download and install n2n Gui (verze 0.49) - 26.6.2011 sources changelog

Installer is common for both 32bit and 64bit Windows.

N2n Gui is built using Visual Studio 2010 Professional SP1 and is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 2003, 7,..... There is also alternative build of n2n, built using MinGW 4.6, You can use it too.

How to use n2n Gui

  • Enter settings of n2n Gui
  • Do not change supernode IP and port (if You wish to use our supernode), or enter IP and port of Your supernode
  • As assigned IP enter 10.1.2.abc (abc = number from 1 to 254, every user of n2n group must choose differrent IP. First users should use, second etc. You can use 192.168.123.x etc. too.)
  • As a group name, enter the name of your network (georgsnet) and do not forget to enter the password as well.
  • Click OK and restart n2n Gui.

Password and working group must be without spaces and only a-z A-Z 0-9 characters are allowed.

Now setting is completed and your n2n should be functional and connected.

how to play games over n2n Gui

Some games might require enabling of multicast and forwarding of packets over n2n community in advanced settings of n2n Gui.

If You still can't play, use our program Games Broadcast Fixer.

Frequently asked questions

Page of original n2n is down, are there any plans for future n2n Gui development?

Yes, we like n2n, new version will be ready soon. There are interesting forks of n2n, we will also run free supernodes for new versions.

How to check, that everything is working correctly?

The best solution is using the ping command, try ping to Your computer and computers of other users of n2n.

How fast is n2n?

N2n is as fast, as Your internet connecion is.

What are the conditions of use of your supernode?

You can use our supernode at VPNHosting.cz for non-commercial purposes, in accordance with general conditions (see below).

Are you n2n authors?

No, authors of n2n are Luca Deri and Richard Andrews.

Do you provide technical support to n2n Gui and supernode?

Of course, contact us at podpora@vpnhosting.cz

What is IP and port of your supernode?

For n2n_v1 supernode: IP: port: 82

n2n_v2 supernode: IP: port: 86

Should I use n2n_v1, or n2n_v2?

N2n_v2 is preferred version, but v1 is working well too.

Connection doesn't work

Make sure you have correctly entered the group name and password. All users within a group must enter the same username and password. You can also try another IP addresses, 192.168.123.x, or other private range.

What are the general conditons of using supernode na vpnhosting.cz and n2n gui?

Before using our supernode please check general conditionssupernode.pdf.

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